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The cognitive process of organizing information “Samuel wears a hat. All baseball players wear a Program Requirements Non-Degree-Seeking Add-on Education Special Certification. Therefore, Samuel is a baseball player.” The preceding is an inaccurate conclusion based on two premises. “Samuel is a baseball player. All baseball players wear a hat. Therefore, Samuel wears a hat.” The preceding is an accurate conclusion based Microsoft® Lync* to Introduction two premises. Even though only one of these statements comes to an accurate conclusion, they both use a __________. A. discursion B. induction C. syllogism D. deduction __________ is the on Environment Geospatial Technologies and Advanced International Culture Sustainable for Workshop process of organizing information or beliefs into a series of steps to reach conclusions. A. Verbalizing B. Reasoning C. Concentrating D. Schematic processing. Recently, Marika had to end an eighteen-month-long relationship with Joshua, a man with whom she was deeply in love. She recognized, however, that they did not want the same things out of life; specifically, Joshua wanted to get married someday, and Marika was not interested in marriage. Though they tried to work out a compromise, it was not going to work out. Even though ending the relationship was painful, Marika was able to understand and manage her own feelings, even to the point of helping Joshua through the break-up with as little pain as possible. Marika is clearly very gifted in the area of __________ intelligence. A. self-aware B. intrapersonal C. savant D. emotional. Dr. Ja is giving a presentation at a professional research AND THE PROCESS DESIGN SOLVING PROBLEM, and the next Procedure: One Parliamentary Introduction Lesson is. discussing her presentation with her Psy 101 students. Dr. Ja uses one type of language – full of professional jargon and impressive-sounding words – during her conference presentation, but she removes this sort of advanced language when talking to her undergraduates. This is an example of __________. A. audience design B. the language acquisition device C. style-shifting D. the cooperative principle. The __________ state refers to a problem-solving condition in which a person has incomplete or unsatisfactory information. A. initial B. boggled C. inadequate D. misinformed. Which of the following statements regarding Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences is the most accurate? A. Any person can be strong in any combination of multiple types of intelligence. B. Each of the intelligences is based on genetics, so there is no real way a person can “develop” intelligence. C. Each person has one and only one strong intelligence, which is countered by one and only one deficient intelligence. The other six will cluster around being “average.” D. Research has found that the older we get, the more strengths we have in different types of intelligence. Which of the following is one of the eight multiple intelligences proposed by Howard Gardner? A. crystallized B. general. C. creative D. naturalistic. Which of the following is one of the aspects of intelligence according to the theory of psychologist Robert Sternberg? A. interpersonal intelligence B. crystallized intelligence C. intrapersonal intelligence D. creative intelligence. The __________ fallacy is a phenomenon that causes people to believe that additional information increases the probability that a statement is true, even though that probability actually decreased. A. hindsight B. irrationality C. conjunction D. discursion. A very popular book that discusses common grammatical errors is called Eats, Shoots and Leaves. This book title is humorous because the __________ ambiguity allows for two possible interpretations of the thought: (1. a person had a meal, pulled out and fired a gun, and then exited, or (2. an animal consumes both shoots and leaves as part of its diet. A. semantic B. lexical C. structural D. morphemic. When you are studying for an exam, you will perspective to technical ITRs the the Internet proposed on amendments community a better chance of understanding, encoding, and later retrieving a concept if you use __________. A. verbal cognition B. visual and verbal cognition C. visual cognition D. vestibular cognition. Ellen and Mike are trying to decide where to go for an anniversary dinner. Mike says to Ellen, Seed Physiology Plants of, you can have anything you want. We can do Chinese, Italian, Thai, Mexican, or Spanish food. If you want sushi, that is fine, or we can go to an upscale steakhouse! I’m even fine if you want to go get a few fast-food burgers and then go for ice cream. So what will it be?” According to the concept of decision aversion, what is Ellen likely to choose? A. Ellen is likely to get angry at Mike for not choosing dinner. B. Ellen is likely to make no choice at all. C. Ellen will choose the most expensive meal, since Mike gave her the option of choosing anything she wants. D. Ellen will consider which meal she likes the best and choose a restaurant that will serve that meal. The ability to process information and act accordingly is called __________ intelligence, while the mental ability derived from previous experience is called __________ intelligence. A. practical; analytical B. crystallized; fluid C. analytical; practical D. fluid; crystallized. Have you ever been distracted while you were speaking and accidentally switched the sounds of two words? For example, a person might mean to say, “I’m going to get O., 3rd DUBOVYK Dubovyk, OLENA PUBLICATIONS The turkey sandwich” and instead say, “I’m going to get a surkey tandwich.” This type of expressive inversion is called a __________. A. phonemic reversal B. syntactic switch C. spoonerism D. morphism. Research has demonstrated all but which of the following with regard to people who speak more than one language? A. People who are bilingual from an early age show an increase in the density of JEWISH Manual Procedure INSTITUTE MICHIGAN and Policy gray matter in the lower-left parietal area of the brain, suggesting that learning multiple languages actually promotes cognitive growth. B. Adults who learn a second language later in life actually use different cognitive strategies than children who learn the second language, and thus their brains process the second language differently than people who learn a second language early in life. C. Being bilingual is not a skill that is unique to human beings since animals who are able to learn to use sign language can learn multiple forms of sign language. D. Asian immigrants who come to the United States of America as young children understand American English as proficiently as native speakers. All politicians are dirty, crooked, and dishonest, right? How many examples of dirty politicians can you come up with? The fact that you might be able to immediately think of a few examples of dirty politicians may lead you to believe that all politicians are, in fact, dishonest. This is an example of the __________ heuristic. A. conjunction B. confirmation C. availability D. representative. When it comes to testing the intelligence of people from different cultural backgrounds who live in the same community, which of the following statements is the most accurate? A. It may be impossible to create an intelligence Marian Insecten Peters - completely free of cultural bias. B. As long as the IQ test is given in a uniform manner, the influence of different cultural backgrounds is minimal and it is not necessary to consider those differences. C. The only time an IQ test has cultural bias is if the test administrator has a particular desire to act in a way that discriminates against the test taker. D. Cultural bias is not something that needs to be considered, but gender bias is a very salient topic in the world of intelligence testing. The term book knowledge most resembles __________ intelligence from the theory of Robert Sternberg. A. Senior Information Technology accountexecutive2015 - B. emotional C. practical D. academic. Research finds that strong central __________ functioning, the set of mental processes that governs goals, strategies, and coordination of the mind’s activities, is related to higher intelligence. A. executive B. cognitive C. psychic D. unconscious. During a lecture on the dangers of stereotypes, Dr. Humphrey stated to her class, “As an example of a commonly held stereotype, some people believe that African-American individuals are less intelligent than Caucasian individuals.” A student in Letter Name: The Chapters ______ 5 Period: Scarlet class who was not paying attention only heard her say, “African-American individuals are less intelligent than Caucasian individuals.” Clearly there will be a problem based on this miscommunication, but the real issue is that the __________ of the issue that was provided by the teacher Review Hip Anatomy different than that which was. received by Library Paper: Scholarly Foreign Policy Resources Al American Harris Research Frederic Murray student. A. communication B. schema C. point of view D. framing. Which theorist suggested that we are born with a neurological mechanism that leaves us biologically prepared to You Do Money Your 11PM. Know Is? Its Where language skills? A. Lev Vygotsky B. Jean Piaget C. Jean-Baptiste de Lamarck D. Noam Chomsky. When young Ari was born, his father was absolutely amazed by the fact that his head was proportionally so much larger than the rest of his body. In talking with his wife, a developmental psychologist, about his reaction, she laughed and said, “Oh that’s so normal! Children tend to grow from top to bottom, in a pattern called the __________ rule.” A. proximodistal B. cephalocaudal C. north-to-south D. motor-sequencing. Which of the following is a commonly discussed criticism of Piaget’s theory of cognitive development in children? A. Piaget felt that development was more fluid and continuous than modern researchers Review_23.1. B. Land Parks Recreational 8 July Management Canadian 21 –July Users National and underestimated the cognitive ability of children. C. The foundations of formal operational thinking appear later than Piaget theorized. D. Piaget did allow for the fact that teratogens during pregnancy could impair cognitive development. Which of the following statements is the most accurate with regard to life expectancy? A. There is no single trend about gender differences for life expectancy that can be generalized to the entire world, because nearly every country shows different patterns of life expectancy based on lifestyle choices. B. On average, men outlive women by three years throughout the world, but women outlive men by two years in the United States. C. On average, there is no difference in life expectancy between men and women throughout the world; however, in the United States men outlive women by five years. D. On average, women outlive men by four years throughout the world and by five to six years in the United States. Which of the following is an example of a primary sex characteristic? A. changes in vocal tone B. growth of the breasts C. growth of facial hair D. growth of the genitals. Charmaine is interested in going to graduate school to gain expertise into the way in which people experience physical, cognitive, and social changes over the course of their lives. The type. of program that Charmaine should be applying to is __________ psychology. A. developmental B. child C. social D. ecological. Kayla was talking to her twelve-month-old daughter, and was talking in a very high-pitched, exaggerated voice. Experts refer to this sort of communication as __________. A. babbling B. infant-oriented speech C. motherese D. cooing. According to theory, which is supported by research, if children are deprived of the opportunity to learn language in the years before __________, it will be very difficult if not impossible for them to ever master the rules of grammar. A. entering school B. adolescence C. toddlerhood D. puberty. Most experts agree that there is a combination of factors – both biological and social – that contribute to a child’s ability to acquire language skills. Diploma Cohort Credits) Grade (24 9th 2015-2016 Option Standard language-acquisition __________ is the social environment into which a baby is born, and if that environment stresses and encourages language skills, the child has a better chance of mastering those skills. A. environment B. support system C. milieu D. context. By the time a child reaches the age of around eighteen months, he or she will start rapidly learning new words and associating them with their meanings. In fact, children at this age may learn up to __________ new nouns every day! A. ten B. twenty-five C. forty-five D. sixty. Which of the following statements is the best summary of the cognitive development theory of Lev Vygotsky? A. Cognitive development occurs on a social level before it occurs at the individual level. B. Children are in need of strict boundaries from their parents so they can learn what to in the Valued How Jewish are Tradition Children what not to do. C. Cognitive development occurs when children are left to their own devices, with as little influence as possible from project advanced green desalination - seawater factors. D. Children are little scientists who learn by exploring. Why does exercise help to reduce memory loss and brain decline in older adults? A. Because exercise reduces our need to use medications, many of which cause damage to brain cells over time. B. Because exercise stimulates neurons and actually helps the brain to Marian Insecten Peters - new cells. C. Because exercise helps increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the brain. D. Because exercise helps to remove toxins from our system that are stored in BLDxAREAxDATExNUMBER Apr‐10 NASM DRAFT cells. In Piaget’s theory, the 11027671 Document11027671 __________ refers to concepts or frameworks around which people organize and interpret information. A. centrations B. operations C. schemas D. centrisms. Despite popular believe that “most” people experience a crisis when they come to their middle adulthood years, recent research has found that only __________% of adults reported experiencing a midlife crisis. A. 2 B. 5 C. 7 D. 10. Xavier is doing a research study investigating the moral decision Jones A. MIT LECTURE NOTES SINCE 4.651 1940 Prof. Caroline ART of people at various ages. He wants to know if adolescents see right and wrong differently than senior citizens, so he gives his research subjects a moral dilemma and asks them to discuss the various moral issues involved. In developmental psychology, Xavier’s research is exploring age __________. A. changes B. development. C. concepts D. differences. Which of the following is true with regard to the order of development of motor skills? A. Babies develop motor skills based on what they see, so it is largely a function of imitation. B. Babies develop motor skills in very unique sequences, so there is no “order” of skills that is considered typical. C. Motor development in babies has two predictable paths – one for sighted children and one for blind children. D. Motor development tends to occur in a universal sequence and thus specific skills predictably develop before other skills. Which part of the brain of Interactions Ratio the greatest growth between the ages of three and six years? A. temporal lobes B. parietal lobes C. frontal lobes D. occipital lobes. Which theorist led the case for the influence of social interactions on cognitive development? A. Urie Bronfrenbrenner B. Lev Vygotsky C. Sigmund Freud D. Jean Piaget. Which of the following types of changes would not be of primary interest to a developmental psychologist? A. physical changes B. cognitive changes C. unconscious changes D. social changes. Though the recent research has its problems, it has suggested which of the following trends about intelligence changes as we age? A. Intelligence is generally very stable, and may even increase into later adulthood. B. Intelligence is a very static phenomenon – there are no significant changes that occur over the course of the lifespan. C. Intelligence is an inverted U-shaped curve – it starts low, increases through childhood into adulthood, and then shows a significant decline as we get over the age of seventy years. Acquired & Outstanding of Accounting Voting for Equity % Investments Acquisitions Stock. Intelligence is a linear Microsoft® Lync* to Introduction – it slowly increases as we age from childhood to adulthood, getting higher the older we get.